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This most unusual chart illustrates enough confidence and faith in yourself to be able to take action, and to handle any circumstance you may encounter. The journey to this destination, though, involves doing something potentially difficult for you, which is engaging conflict in an honest and above-board way.

Libra compatibility

One typical result is akin to what happens when forest fires are suppressed: the conditions become correct for a really, really big one. So what you want is to design a controlled, conscious approach to disagreement, which will teach you how to be both sincere and sensitive. Presumably you want to create a space of peace and productivity with your loved ones, your friends and your neighbors, yet this can only come from being real.

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Being real does not mean being aggressive. It means being forward enough, and courageous enough, to facilitate a real conversation, and perhaps get the result you want.

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In this sense, the usual Libran gift for diplomacy will be transformed with your practice and participation into a talent for leverage. Your path to this destination also takes you through the territory of challenging everything that makes you feel secure, or insecure. They are different sides of the same concept.

Libra Personality Traits (Libra Traits and Characteristics)

These ideas and what they represent get put through both analysis and real-time tests, and are seen for what they are. Once again, Chiron is prominent in your astrology. Cardinal signs usher in new seasons in astrology. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac and ushers in Fall. Fire and Air element holders share positive polarity.

The positive polarity of the Libra zodiac does not mean that the sign itself lacks optimism, but rather, means that the Libra sign has an energy that gravitates inwards. The Libra is a deep thinker, drawing people in with deep conversation and meaningful relationships.

Libra: Relate Yourself

In ancient astrology, Venus is associated with the Greek god Aphrodite and is the ruling spirit of love and sexuality. Venus is also responsible for driving our passions and feelings throughout the astrological year and connects our emotions to the natural world around us. The Libra zodiac is defined by a spirit of love, service, and dedication to others. The Libra sign values loving others deeply and seeking to feel valued by those the Libra shares meaningful relationships with.

Libra horoscope readings are complex because the Libra is both strategic and resourceful, but also immensely emotional and spiritual. The Libra sign is incredibly intuitive and uses much of the Air element it is ruled under to establish a high sense of emotional intelligence. The Libra spirit is able to use its intuition to understand what is in balance and what is out of alignment.

Caring, kind, and always seeking to develop closeness with others, the Libra sees service and sacrifice as part of their identity.

Libra: Dates, Traits & More |

The Libra is most happy when with their close circle of friends or family. Throughout life, the Libra sign will find its place in some sort of community and draw strength from the relationships established there. For this reason, Libra zodiac signs are often very close with their families and make outstanding friends that stay around for years. Although Libra has many positive characteristics, there are potential weak spots every Libra must stay considerate of.

No one knows how to sit on the fence like a Libra, and this indecisiveness can be the source of many frustrations.

The Libra is also prone to become controlling and bitter when their opinion or choices are not selected in group settings or relationships. Conflict is not a friend of the Libra, as it tips the Scales of the Libra zodiac sign out of alignment. Without the balance and security of stable relationships, the Libra falls into anxiety and stress.

Many of those who carry this sign are willing to do anything to make amends and keep their relationships positive, even if it causes the Libra to be exhausted and spent on emotional energy. The Libra holds their emotions very closely and is easily affected by the words others share with them. Traits Social, refined, balanced, graceful, open-minded, indecisive, diplomatic, co-operative, considerate, peace-loving, fair, inconsistent, just, wise, logical, judging, charming, diplomatic, tactful, vain, superficial, dependent.

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