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It's a mixed week, with some awkward indications - and many positive ones. Although there should be some reassuring influences, you will have to cope with romantic changes, not to mention alterations in any relationships with children. Once questions at home have been answered, you will be able to get on with social arrangements.

Delays are likely, if not inevitable. If romantic affairs are held up, you may be obliged to wait a little while longer. There's no problem, for passionate planetary influences are approaching fast, and the end of the month holds surprises in store for all secretive Scorpions. In fact, the deeper your secrets, the bigger the surprises!

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In spite of daily ups and downs this can still be a positive period to focus on money matters. Your most extravagant influences are very enticing and, for most of the time, you may spend quite happily without fear of waste or loss.

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Long-term social prospects remain bright, especially if you're thinking of combining a family gathering with a friendly outing. One very pleasant relationship between the emotional Moon and passionate Pluto favours all those with great determination, especially if your plans are intensely personal. Press ahead with quiet confidence and outwit all rivals with your superior understanding. Face it - you have the best ideas, so make the most of them. Nobody ever said you have to reveal everything that you are doing!

Secrecy is fine, and everyone must understand that you should be allowed to take your time to work out exactly what is best for you. Ultimately, nobody understands as well as you what must now be done. That is why you should take final control over all your actions.

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Delicate Venus' impact on your chart is about to be complicated by energetic Mars, a passionate combination if ever there was one. This is therefore a fine time to deepen your social involvements and take responsibility over partners' affairs.

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