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Sometimes it is impossible know exactly what a Scorpio is thinking! He can be a temperamental, jealous lover, so watch your step. You will have to play by his rules or leave him. With this man, there are no shades of gray. Still waters run deep, and you will find him fiercely loyal and deeply passionate. This Pluto ruled-lover would never dream of divulging details of your private life together to others, and expects the same from you.

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Woe to the woman who strays from his bed to another lover, for he will never forgive her. Scorpio will never suffer betrayal. If you want to get your Scorpio lover a bit more relaxed and focused on you, try taking him to a small, cozy restaurant that serves solid manly food like a juicy steak and fries. Red wine will probably be his choice over champagne. The Scorpio male is no delicate gourmand.

Wear your little black dress or something in burgundy, his favorite color. Your Scorpio will want you to be uninhibited. He does not see pornography as degrading to women, but as research and stimulus for new things to do.

Since this sign rules law enforcement, crime and punishment, suggest he play policeman with you. This intense sign will insist on being the one in control, but surrendering to a Scorpio can be divine rapture.

Your Challenge One of the challenges of being in love with a Scorpio male is to get him to voice his innermost thoughts and feelings. How To Handle Him Still waters run deep, and you will find him fiercely loyal and deeply passionate.

Weekly Horoscope for Scorpio by Deborah Browning:

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Her loving, optimistic style is what readers enjoy most about her work. She has also written for GQ and Details.

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