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You were born on the Cusp of Beauty and you are a vision of perfection, balance, and grace. Being born on the Virgo-Libra Cusp, you are influenced by mindful Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, as well as Venus, the Goddess planet and the ruling planet of Libra. You have been blessed with both wits and charm, and when used correctly, you can be powerfully persuasive. You have the grounded determination of an Earth sign Virgo , and the charisma and social ease of an Air sign Libra.

This is a blissful blend of elements! When you're in the zone, you have a realistic understanding of the world, and you have the added benefit of being able to express your thoughts fairly and eloquently.

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No wonder you're so well-liked! If you're born on this cusp, you're graceful, generous, and have an air of beauty about you no matter how you look! You have high standards and always try to carry yourself in an elegant fashion. You're beloved by not only your friends and family, but also by anyone who has the opportunity to be bewitched by your kind words and gentle heart.

You have a sharp eye on the world, with a strong distaste for cruelty and a longing love for those who fight for equality. Watch out for your evil eye, though! You get upset quickly and are easily riled up when others don't live up to your standards -- and you set the bar quite high. So what happens when you match that type of personality with the Libra?

This is a serious problem, why? You need to choose a direction, give it everything you got and move forward. They can make awesome business plans, they can write a great analysis, they make for great consultants; but when it comes to actually rolling up your sleeves and putting in the work and putting in the time, Libras often fails to show up. So, if you mash up these two personality types to produce the Libra-Scorpio cusp, you get a very interesting combination, to say the least.

What happens when you get a person that never really tried in life and this person is always blaming other people?

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Worst of all, this person is unable to forgive the people he or she imagine caused him or her to live basically a fruitless life. This is a very negative and sad situation and unfortunately, many Libra-Scorpios are stuck in this mindset. This is the reason that Libra and Scorpio compatibility will always struggle to achieve happiness. They think that the choices that they made in life, or to put it more precisely, delayed or postponed choices that they made in life were inflicted by outward forces.

Their dissatisfaction with their lives is solely the results of the actions of other people. They just wish that they had a happier ending. This is the epitome of the worst aspects of the Scorpio and Libra personalities. You want to get back at those people that forced you to leave the life that you were living. If you want a better life, you have to have the right mind-set for it.

Dates: October 19 - 25

If you want things to move forward, you have to have a mind-set that is able to make decisions quickly and take risks. If you want to be happy, then you have to have the mind-set that is appreciative and grateful. In matters of love and romance, the Libra Scorpio cusp should stay miles away from possessiveness of any sort! These individuals believe in systematic and balanced relationships and due to this very quality, they may well be among the best candidates for an ideal marriage. The Libra and Scorpio cuspians are most suitable for a very sensuous and good-looking individual.

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They will have a commanding presence and can be very intense. Libra-Scorpio cuspians believe in honesty and equality in relationships. A perfect match! It will not be an exaggeration to say that this relationship is among one of the most romantic relationships filled with adventure, romance, passion, heroism, and boldness.

The partners will easily share their inner feelings, fantasies, and wishes with each other. They will never conceal even the most sensitive issues from their partners. Libra Scorpio Cusps and Librans believe in love and love alone.

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They are very open lovers, in fact, and believe in unconventional love and relationships! They can take any risk to secure their bonds and will not allow anyone to modulate or hurt their mutual affection either socially or individually. They can, however, also be very judgmental people which might sometimes affect their relationship.

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The partners might find themselves becoming uncomfortable with each other in the absence of an emotional bond. It is thus important to cultivate the virtues of self-realization and awareness for the relationship to bloom. They will enjoy either the best of the relationship or the worst of all experiences in their love affairs.

Virgo likes to keep their business private, so Libra will need to curb the tendency to tell all. A Virgo that's pressed for personal details will shy away. This is another difference since Libra is the social gossip of the zodiac. Many of the insights of Libra are brilliant, but Virgo could lose trust, wondering when it's their turn to be lampooned. Dates are a chance to talk, which they both love to do, to the point of talking over each other. But Libra glides easily over topics, while Virgo seeks to analyze and come up with precise thinking on the matter at hand. Virgo's analytical mind trying to wrangle Libra's thoughts are like the Lilliputians tying down Gulliver.

With a Virgo mate, Libra gets to see life from a different perspective: the ground. Libra resents being forced to focus on the minutiae, and Virgo finds Libra's lightness and devil-may-care attitude frustrating. Another area that gets sticky is in what's valuable. Often Virgo is more utilitarian than Libra, who chooses what's pleasing to the eye. A Virgo who wants everything in its place, for example, could store things in plastic containers, labeled and stacked. The aesthetically-oriented Libra screams out, "Oh my eyes! A compromise could be other kinds of storage solutions, like wicker bins or baskets, or vintage trunks.

When these two are in sync, they've got the big picture and details covered, and both benefit. Virgo helps Libra plan out the steps to realize a dream that's still just a concept. Libra lifts Virgo out of the trap of micro-thinking to offer sweeping vistas. But when life goals are different and they're ready to move on, it's hard to shift the focus together.

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Virgo makes sure the household is kept orderly, and Libra supplies the artful finishing touches. Libra knows how to create an atmosphere of beauty, like flowers or just the right decor accents. Virgo's desire for calm is compatible with Libra's need for a serene nest.