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Unless they change their ways, astrology will not be a true science. And just because someone believes in astrology, does not make them illogical or stupid. I will never as an astronomer combine my studies with astrology; that would be preposterious. Astrology is the earlier forms of astronomy and its main foundation.

Look up or look down?

Every known ancient and old astronomer prior to the s was an astrologer also. And evidence show this as true. But now, after the scientific revolution, the two disciplines have split and gone there seperate ways. It is just an ancient way of how the people in a pre-scientific world explained the stars. In my opinion, astrology should never be critized for it is just a hobbie and fun past time for some people like myself. Astrology and Astronomy are like twins, but with different ideas.

They are related; but never allies. Sincerely, Myron. Astrology is an ancient practice and a fun tradition.

It is definitely a helpful tool whether real or not, I'd almost prefer someone get an Astrology reading before going to a counselor. The trade is filled with benefits and advice for any individual. We are all but the same consciousness expressed in different ways. I understand your point of view, a lot of astrologers give superficial definitions but once you learn a little bit more it gets interesting.

Then you'll begin to recognize areas of your life which seem to correlate with your Natal Chart. Perhaps just reading it brings it to life subconsciously, I do not know. I'm still suspicious about the subject though, there are too many interpretations that say the person "may" or "might" do or say certain things. I've yet to get a professional reading but I basically interpret my chart myself. It's entertaining, fun, and a decent hobby if you don't take it too seriously.

Nice blog by the way. I have read and experienced Linda Goodmans writing , she makes lot of sense , what she has written is correct , I dont know if astrology is science or what is science for that matter , but astrology is a fantastic guide , it is not some kind of joke , I wish people experience this some time in their life then they wouldnot criticise Linda , may be few statements made by her could be generic but she is right in every way.

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Linda Goodman's write up on zodiac signs are accurate but it doesnt apply to western zodiac signs. Check the following site, see what your sign is and then check Linda Goodman's descriptions of signs. It would make sense. BTW, Linda was a Libran and not aries like she always mentions. And yeah, my wife is libran, she has dimples and a mole on her face. Hi Sujai, Once again please try to understand that constellations, positions of planets in sky etc in astrology just serves one purpose and the purpose to give a time to the occurrence of any event.

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So den you dont need constellations u just need 12 of dem.. Its just the cosmic clock not any energy or rays or force from dese affecting humans behaviour on earth Dear Commenters: Please identify yourself.

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By rewriting history, Hindu nationalists aim to assert their dominance over India

At least use a pseudonym. Do NOT write personal information or whereabouts about the author or other commenters. You are free to write about yourself. Please do not use abusive language. Do not indulge in personal attacks and insults. Write comments which are relevant and make sense so that the debate remains healthy. Then she goes onto say: Librans features are almost always even and well-balanced… About dimples There will usually be a couple in the cheeks or one in the chin.

It all depends on how you want to defined those knee-dimples But she is not even sure of that, so she adds: But be careful.

Why Are Millennials So Into Astrology? - The Atlantic

With the men, of course, the trousers rule out that clue… Hmm! Email This BlogThis! Posted by Sujai at Thursday, January 18, Labels: hinduism , Religion , Superstition. Anonymous January 20, AM. Sujai K January 22, PM. In A. He declared that the earth spun on its own axis. He was an authority on eclipses and developed a numerical alphabet and the decimal system. And until when Johannes Kepler announced his first law, only Indian astronomers could correctly predict the eclipses and calculate planetary orbits.

Astrology Myths Debunked: The Truth About Your 'New' Sign

Jyotish, or astrology, was a "Vedanga" a limb of the Vedas and was closely allied with other vedangas such as kalpa sacrificial rituals and niruktas intonation method for mantras. Scholars refer to the use of astrology in the Indian epics: Valmiki quotes the planetary positions of Ram's birth naming his nakshatra and lagna, while Vyasa wrote about the coming eclipses as portends of a great war. From one of the epics came the notion of karma, the ultimate basis of Indian astrology - the philosophical mysteries as to why something happens the way it does.

The karma theory says that a person's soul jiva at the time of his death takes with it all the residual effects of deeds done in his existence: good, bad and ugly. When the planetary positions special to each individual's destiny align themselves in a certain way, it sets the stage for payback.

The karma theory is elaborate. In the birth-chart are seen the tendencies and reactions which dictate a person's relationships, misfortunes and windfalls. But there is always scope for redemption, and this is where the astrology texts come in: they show how malevolent planetary influences can be negated through occult rituals. Kerala's best-known practitioner of Vaastu Shastra, Kanippay or Krishnan Namboodiri-pad, feels traditional disciplines like Jyothish, from which Vaastu originated, should be taught to the present generation.

It is ridiculous that we don't take an interest in our own knowledge," he says. Knowledge, accredited to a past which was once ruled by the navaratnas of that epoch: Charaka, Dhan vantari and the like, whose treatises imbibed the subtle influences of both astronomy and astrology.

Even Ayurveda is based on astrological principles, according to some Indian scholars. Rajesh Kochhar, the balding eagle-eyed astrophysicist and director of the National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies, Delhi, cites philosopher scientist Karl Popper's Theory of Falsifiability to make his point: "In science, methodology is more important than results. If the result of a proposition is not consistently true, the theory is wrong. But can a predictive method that rules the Indian way of life from birth, death, litigation and even stock-market ventures be so easily dismissed?

Astrologers retort with their singular catechism: how could so many predictions come true without a consistent scientific method as their basis? Says Jayaprakash Madhak, who has successfully predicted earthquakes, including the one that hit Gujarat in January: "Astrology's predictions are based on cumulative empirical observations over centuries. When a certain planetary configuration occurs in a person's charts, certain results follow. Nuclear scientist H. Narasimhaiah debunks astrology as random speculation. But even a clock which is not working will show the correct time twice a day.

So how has such an unchanging set of formulae held sway over thousands of years, even into the age of supercomputers and the information highway? The dilemma is a sociologist's delight. Their insight is that the fear of the unknown has mothered human insecurity creating a desperate need to be reassured about the future, which in turn guarantees the popularity of predictive arts. Subscribe Now. Subscription Benefits Include Today's Paper Find mobile-friendly version of articles from the day's newspaper in one easy-to-read list.

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