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Daily Horoscopes: July 24, - VICE

Communication planet Mercury is retrograde and meets Venus today, asking you to reconsider a sticky situation from a new point of view. The moon enters Taurus and brings levity to your life, Capricorn, and intriguing conversations take place in your relationships as Mercury retrograde meets sweet Venus, asking you to reconsider a choice or conversation.

The moon enters cozy earth sign Taurus, finding you eager to connect with your sense of home and family.

Reconsiderations are made today as Mercury retrograde meets Venus. You're running into people from your past as you go about your day! The moon enters Taurus and illuminates the communication sector of you chart, and chatty Mercury which is currently retrograde meets sweet Venus, finding you reuniting with people from your past. A missed connection may reconnect! Your focus turns to manifesting abundance and comfort as the moon enters luxurious earth sign Taurus.


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You're in a nostalgic mood as Mercury retrograde meets sweet Venus. You're reconsidering things at home. The moon enters your sign today, Taurus, asking you to reconnect with your sense of self. Mercury retrograde meets with your ruling planet Venus, finding you running into people from your past and reconsidering a few ideas.


The moon enters Taurus, asking you to slow down and rest today, Gemini. You ruling planet Mercury is retrograde and meets with Venus, finding you reconsidering your choices, values, and desires as you socialize and reconnect with people.

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But selecting a candle that suits our sensibilities can be made easy with a little help from our horoscopes. What do zodiacs and ignitable waxed scents have in common? Both are particular to persons and seasons — a dynamic combination for shopping success.


Ahead we've mapped out the best candles to burn according to each sign's summer forecast. A parent may insist on some time this afternoon to discuss a legal matter and may require your opinion on a few family issues. Try not to be too judgmental.

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The closer you are to each other, the easier it will be to resist all temptations. You complete an unfinished assignment during earlier in the day. A nagging health problem that had been worrying you, is resolved. You and your sweetheart may have jointly launched a new business venture that may already be showing promising financial results.

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  4. You may ask a friend to join in as there would be mutual benefits. Those going through a separation may initiate divorce papers today. New partnerships flourish.

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