Malavika yogam in astrology

Hence the level of activity of a planet is a very important consideration while deciding the formation and results of any Yog in a horoscope as it can significantly affect the net results. Combining all these results, we get the refined definition of Malavya Yoga and this is what this definition says. If Venus is benefic in a horoscope, it is active and it is placed in the any one of the Kendra houses in any one of the signs namely Taurus, Libra and Pisces, Malavya Yoga is formed, which may bless the native with many types of good results related to the domain of Venus, depending on the overall tone of the horoscope.

It should be noted that even if present in a horoscope, any good or bad Yog may not be activated from the time of birth of the native and this activation may vary from person to person.

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It means that Malavya Yoga present in different horoscopes may have different times of activation and accordingly, different natives may start benefitting from it during different ages. This is why you see some people witnessing such benefits at early age, some during middle age and some of them during their age above I know the introduction of more and more variables is making things complicated. However, the same variables are introducing the possibility of a great number of combinations in case of people benefitting from Malavya Yoga; and the same holds for other Yogas also.

As we rarely see two people doing or achieving the exact same things even when they have the same benefic Yoga in their horoscopes, these variables are completely practical. It means that these variables make one native different from the other, filling the nature with great amount of versatility. Once the formation and activation of Malavya Yoga is confirmed in a horoscope, the next thing to check is its strength. The strength of this Yoga is checked through the placement of Venus in different houses, different signs and different nakshatras, as well as through the influence of other positive or negative planets on Venus in a horoscope.

For example, Malavya Yoga formed due to the presence of exalted Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces along with benefic Moon in the same house can bless the native with very good results through an artistic field.

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Hence the native may become an actor, a singer, a dancer or another type of artist and he may achieve success and fame through his art. On the other hand, Malavya Yoga formed due to the presence of exalted Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces along with malefic Saturn may not produce any significant good results. It should be noted that if such malefic Saturn is very strong in such horoscope, the native may even get addicted to intoxicant substances or he may suffer from a serious disease.

It should be noted that Saturn has just been used for reference and the same results may be witnessed due to the presence of other strong and malefic planets with Venus, in the same case.

Looking at one more possibility, the presence of benefic Saturn in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces along with Malavya Yoga forming Venus can increase the quantum of good results achieved by this native and hence he may achieve good results of very high quantum, through the domains ruled by Venus. Similarly, the effect of other good or bad planets on Venus should also be checked before predicting the good or bad results indicated by Malavya Yoga.

Above all, the overall theme of the horoscope having such Malavya Yoga should be analyzed carefully as this is what matters the most. I have mentioned time and again that the overall theme of a horoscope is the most important aspect in it and it can change each and everything.

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For example, if Malavya Yoga is formed due to the presence of exalted Venus in the first house of a horoscope in the sign of Pisces and the overall theme of the horoscope is indicating creativity, this Yoga may bless the native with good results through a creative field. Looking even deeper, if the horoscope is showing enhanced physical energy due to the combination of various planets, the native may become a dancer.

This is because the native is creative and he has a lot of physical energy. Since both these qualities want to find outward expression, the native may become a dancer as the art of dance needs a great deal of physical energy. Jupiter Venus conjunction gives her Hari yoga. She enjoys royal comforts and a queenly life. She is multi-billionaire and de-facto ruler sole monarch of India during the period — Sonia Gandhi; Dec; ; at Turin Italy.

Example This is the Horoscope of Ms.

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Jayalalitha She got 12 Raja-yogams and this enabled her to come to power and rule Tamilnadu as Chief Minister for four tenures. Venus is exalted in Pisces in 10 th house Kendra; Sri Narayana sthana. She has strong Malavya yoga. She is passionate, possessive, very aggressive, intense and a shrewd dealer in political affaris.

Aries Rahu. Sun 9 Mercury. Moon Mars. You can get my astrological services by contacting me by e-mail: pandit jyothishi.

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Example This is the natal chart of a retired College Principal; he enjoyed a happy and prosperous life. This is Malavya yoga.

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malavika yogam in astrology

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