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Stress levels can rise while Mars is in this intense and perfectionist zone. Make time to relax and replenish your energy stores. Employees and helpful people fall under the sixth house domain. With Mars here, you could be revved up to delegate duties to a rockstar intern or service provider. Or you could might experience with a coworker, perhaps dealing with snarkiness or underperforming. Outsource to specialists or sign up for training yourself. Your own knowledge base can benefit from a workshop or course. The first, on October 7, is a square to rigid Saturn in your ninth house of higher learning and expansion.

Big ideas could ram into what feels like major barriers or perhaps get some pushback from the powers that be. Decision makers could have unrealistic demands, asking for the moon while barely promising any stardust in return. Well, it felt like that, anyway! In truth, this was an excellent time to go behind the scenes to learn, tinker and test a few iterations.

Sure, you may have encountered a few skeptics, even haters, along the way. Soon enough, your exciting and inspired ideas will start to move and flow. Wait to make any conclusive moves until after the October 13 full moon, which lands in Aries and your twelfth house of spirituality, hidden agendas and endings. Does some part of your life need to be wrapped up before another can begin? Surrender, Taurus—and listen to the universe instead of forcing an agenda. The full moon will form an exact square degree angle of tension to Pluto, indicating that some hidden information could come to light.

Taurus Ascendant Husband

Or you could be struck by a lightning bolt of truth, perhaps from something you read or learn or discuss in a frank conversation. This could change the course of events for you, Taurus, providing a clue that brings you closure. Relationships take center stage starting October 23, when the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships. At the October 27 Scorpio new moon, you could pair up with someone for business or pleasure, making your status official—or heading in that direction in the coming weeks.

Rising sign - What is your Ascendant sign and why does it matter?

But no dynamic duo will take flight at the expense of your individuality, Bull! This new moon will stand opposite liberated Uranus in Taurus and your first house identity and solo ventures. Any relationship will have to give you plenty of breathing room and the space to express your selfhood.

On October 27 the same day as the new moon , intense Mars in your analytical and anxious sixth house will form a challenging square to cautious Saturn in Capricorn and your big-picture zone. You could get way too much advice or feedback, leaving you frozen in your tracks. You may need to gather more data before moving ahead with a big project. Halloween arrives with treats a lively moon-Jupiter mashup in Sagittarius and your erotic and mysterious eighth house—hello, sexy costume party!

The planet of communication, travel and technology will reverse-commute through Scorpio and your partnership zone, a tricky time for signing contracts or formalizing any alliances. Protect your most important data to the cloud and an external hard drive, and consider scanning any important legal docs if you only have a hard copy of them.

You never know when that backup will come in handy. With Mercury askew here, some Bulls might have second thoughts about a budding connection or find yourself at odds with a romantic partner. Proceed with caution rather than rushing in for a reprise. The month starts off with both love planets, Venus and Mars, nestled in Libra—and lighting up your sixth house of beauty and healthy living AND loving. Your ruler, affectionate Venus, is there until October 8, and then passionate Mars picks up where she left off, from October 3 to November A born insomniac.

Completely unable to make up their mind.

Even at the expense of their other great hang-up: pissing people off. Extreme, secretive, passionate. A bubbling volcano of emotion waiting to blast off. A natural born pit of feelings. A loose cannon happily freewheeling around getting up to mischief. Gets away with it because usually also warm and funny. Calculating and self controlled. Often a source of advice for others before they identify the cold, pessimistic monster within. Eccentric, independent and completely detached from the usual human emotional rollercoaster.

To be found floating somewhere outside the box, thinking about space and time or whatever. A vivid dreamer and intuitive thinker. Able to read minds but too nice to say what they really see. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Backlash over royals' new mental health campaign.

Taurus: For the Taurus woman, a Taurus man can be a true soulmate. As lovers, Taurus Rising people need lots of stimulation and activity, yet may not be so good at instigating change. To ensure that two compatible people get married, astrologers have to study the 7th House of the horoscope. However, in many cases, your stubbornness is actually a blessing. He would benefit by staying updated on the financial, economic, business and trade news which is going to change on a weekly basis, for 7 years to come.

What You Want in a Relationship Look to your Venus sign to tell you what you are seeking in a relationship. People born in Taurus Ascendant are known for their stability and cautiousness in life. For Taurus Ascendant, it is not bad if it falls in the 8th that is, Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Taurus Jupiter in Taurus brings you the opportunity to develop practical ability for dealing with money and other material resources that need to be wisely used.

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What will be attitude, lifestyle and other characteristics of your partner. But sometimes Taurus people take a long time to decide what they are best at, because this is a patient sign and Taurus people are in no hurry. But as he also aspects the house of death from here, will cause obstacles in every step of life.

We have been through everything together but in the water there is little to no friction and it insulates you. In the sense of being a husband and having. The other sign of Mars falls in the twelfth house and even though it is the Mool Trikon Rashi of Mars is ignored due to Parashari rules.


Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Such a native will be of rash temperament, fond of scents and luxuries; interested in cloth business like as ready made garments, general cloth etc. The logic behind knowing your future husband name: There are no such means by which you can guess the exact name of your significant other. Often collectors in some way, Taurus rising natives place a lot of value on their material possessions.

Sun in Leo.

Astroved Taurus

I've been dating a Capricorn 42 for over a year now and I couldn't have found a better human being. We feel each other's emotions and we are so in sync. Taurus is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". Marriages are made in heaven, they say. Taurus men will have multiple marriages or multiple relationships even after their marriages. What kind of guy would I suit? I am really interested in this virgo man, but I have no idea about the rest of his chart.

Consider the Taurus's nature. For Taurus rising sex is breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!. The 1st house is on an axis with the 7th house the exact opposite house , and is also called the Ascendant or AC for short because it's derived by finding the sign ascending on the horizon at the exact moment of birth.

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In case of death of wife, good luck and comforts disappears. The Taurus man has a reputation as "a simple guy" for a reason. While Aries throw caution to the wind, Taurus exercise caution in every step and decision they take. For the Taurus woman committed to making this match work, a psychic is a good source of love advice. It is ruled by Mars. There is a composed, peaceful, and patient quality to Taurus that is unmistakable are irresistible to many. The ascendant, or rising sign, is the sign that appears on the first house cusp of your natal chart; it's the sign that was rising over the horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Taurus!

They willingly take shelter in their home — but do not lock themselves. She lives alone but is helpless to control all the clutter in her house.

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You have a very good understanding for everything that has to do with designing; lines, shapes, style and colors. AllScarsHeal Tarot card reader 1, views. Taurus ascendant people are very practical, solid, stubborn and materialistic. On the contrary, on many occasions, Taurus Rising people will have a fuller figure. The Moon in the Ascendant identical with Cancer, Taurus, or Aries indicates, that the native will be liberal beautiful, rich and enjoying pleasures greatly.

Using an ancient mathematical formula and astrologist would be able to find the POF point in the horoscope by adding the longititude of the moon, to the longititude of the ascendant, minus the longitutde of the sun. If Ascendant sign fall with Rahu North Node of each other is positive because they will grow and learn together in this lifetime and which work they are not able to complete together they will accomplish in this life. Well, we decided to gather all the information and share it with you. A Scorpio is jealous, possessive and secretive but can be very loyal to the right person.

The birth chart interpretations found here are "general interpretations" because you will find that, as you become more comfortable with astrology, you can add your own insight to these meanings. Since Venus is aspecting both the Ascendant and Moon, it is treated as 'Yogada graha' which means Venus is capable of giving overall prosperity and success to this native. Gain from land, estates and property. The Ascendant in the signs is interchangeably called the Rising Sign. It has a diameter of miles. The Moon sign of a person if matches with Ascendant sign of another person, they can be attracted.

In any chart, 10th house is known as the Karmasthan or house of career. My Venus is in Gemini, and his was in Pisces. Learn astrology, and check your horoscope. Same can be predicted if seventh house is occupied by Jupiter and Moon while Mercury is in the ascendant. Taurus Marriage Astrology shows how to make the best use of the positives 1. If these partners find a fine balance, they will hold this incredible power of creation in their hands. But Jupiter in 7 th place gives good natured spouse. We have been married for 31 years ,so from my standpoint, it really has been a perfect match.

We talk a lot about business and making money. He prefers to walk the walk rather than talk the talk, especially if the conversation centers around where your relationship stands or how he feels about you. Feel free to read our page About Us for more information!. Vedic astrology can tell us a lot about. We both act like stuck in mud! However, if there is a malefic planet in the ascendant it can also give quite a few health problems, and accidents especially if Mars is in the ascendant. People born in Taurus ascendant get Scorpio in the seventh house of their horoscope.

Karaka planets. During the trips with your spouse or husband, make sure you develop a high level of intimacy between each other; this will help you to stay happy for a very long time according to Taurus marriage horoscope. Others are practical and can be excellent accountants or bookkeepers.