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January 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Sorry to say. On a more positive note, you are practical and well liked. It really gives a more detailed overview of personality. Being born on January 2nd indicates that you are numerology 2 for your birthday. This is a symbol of peace in life.

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People who have this life-path have a distinct focus on reaching the top of their career. This means you dislike being let down and having to postpone your plans.

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Being born under Capricorn also means that you enjoy staying in a job for a long time where you can work with tasks that are well defined and stick to something that is already decided. There are many carnivals celebrated on the 2nd of January. Such as the Black and Whites carnival and in the past many events and public celebrations were continuing into 2 January. It is a day of celebration.

For you, as of course, your birthday falls on this day but you might find you are attending more celebrations due to the new year. Element: The element you are born with is important as it defines your innermost personality. Your element is earth, meaning that, you are persistent and hard working. Your connection with the earth means that you are always determined to achieve your goals. Many people describe you as being focused on realistic things and you are always very practical.

Because Earth is part of your zodiac this results in you showing conscientious and romantic traits. Naturally, you like to unravel what is important in life.

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Planet: Saturn is the ruling planet of people born on 2 January, but additionally Venus has an influence on your life. Venus and Saturn being in control of your life, that is the reason why you are organized and disciplined and at the same time, like teamwork and being very social. Having Venus and Saturn in your life, they influence both your personal and professional life. Apart from affecting your career, they will also affect your relationship.

Number 2 is a very important digit in your life as it is symbolic of partnership and balance.

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It is the numerological representation responsible for you encountering peace and harmony in your life. The astrological symbol I am sure you already know is a goat.

The goat symbolizes people that are self-confident and strong — both in the physical and mental sense. So what about your love life? In love, you are usually trustworthy and can be very romantic. When you are looking for a partner you normally focus your efforts on someone reliable and who will support and understand you. It is not unusual for you to have some rather affectionate partners and you do enjoy romantic happenings in relationships. My friend is quite psychic and she was born on the 2 nd of January.

She was telling me that your birth crystal known as Jasper is a great stone to wear and means that you have had a strong connection with nature. If you have a friend or relative born on 2 nd January make sure you gift them, Jasper. Because you were born on the 2nd, it means you are faithful to your partner. Ok going back to your love life! In terms of relationships, you should not rush into moving towards marriage.

In terms of commitment you are completely dedicated to your partner and you have a strong connection with those who are of the Libra or Virgo sign. You are ready to do whatever it takes including sacrifices in order to protect this one person. You have strong love compatibility with people born on 27 th , 20 th , 14 th , 5 th , and 2 nd of any month. Best love match: You will have a strong relationship with someone born under the Taurus or Virgo zodiac sign due to having similar attitudes and opinions about life. Being a Capricorn, you are definitely looking for someone who is attractive and sensitive and those under the star sign Cancer can be a good partner to take on in a relationship.

You will have the worst relationships with the star sign Sagittarius I am afraid. There are many characteristics of people born on January 2 which I am going to quickly go over. January 2 people are sociable and charming. Every month, you will find at WeMystic the astrological forecasts for your zodiac sign.


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In sentimental terms, January is a favorable month for Leo natives. Translating, the alignments are favorable for maintaining a romantic and intimate atmosphere, in which couples spend time together and work on trust within the relationship. Finally, we must not forget that on 21 January the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo will take place, which will invite you to reflect on your true nature who you really are, what are the expectations that weigh on your shoulders, or what changes you must undertake to align yourself with your idea of success.

It is worth noting that these types of lunar events emphasize the inner world, increasing sensitivity, so that the individual can take external situations as something personal, as well as experiencing emotional crises and explosions.

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Before launching a new initiative, remember to take into account the practical part feasibility, market studies, and costs. It is not just about having an idea; it is about sharing the work to make it real. On the other hand, you can count on the asteroid Juno in House X , showing a real commitment to professional improvement climbing positions within the company , showing you as an efficient and necessary individual. Uranus directly in House IX of Leo can turn upside down the world of the students of the sign, in the interest of showing what they know and pointing towards higher goals than those raised so far.

In general, the physical state of the natives of Leo will have a positive balance during the month of January; however, it is important to keep in mind that the South Node, Pluto, Saturn and the asteroid Psyche are present in the House VI of Leo.

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