Sag virgo cusp compatibility

It can be harder for those with a cusp birthday to feel they fit neatly within one sign when they identify with many traits of the bordering sign.

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If your birthday falls around three days before or after the shifting of zodiac signs, you might feel a pull from each sign that surround you. Yet, astrologers maintain that this is a mistake made frequently.

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The idea of recognizing the cusp seems to stem from a minimal understanding of astrology itself. Yet, many people who fall within the cusped category still feel the pull between two signs and desire better explanation of the phenomenon. Astrology is systemic and follows certain rules. People who are just beginning to study astrology might mistakenly believe they feel more like one sign over another when in truth, regardless of how close in juxtaposition to another sign you were born, your natal Sun will only ever truly fall within one sign.

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There may be minimal influences that slightly sway the personality from the hovering sign, but your Sun sign will always be your Sun sign. You might be asking yourself how the idea of cusped signs became so ubiquitous if they are not astrologically factual. Astrology is an ancient system and a subject that requires a great amount of studying and focus to properly interpret the maps of the stars. Some of the more complicated aspects of astrology include the fact that the sun shifts from one sign to another on differing days every year.

Because of the speed at which the Sun travels, someone born a certain day might have a different sign from someone born on the same day 30 years later. Some might be tempted to simply guess or to claim a cusp sign, but a better idea would be to find an astrologer able to rectify your chart — a process that involves creating a map of your major life events thus far and working backward to discover your approximate time of birth. This can be useful for discovering your rising sign, which often provides clarification for those who do not feel they identify with their Sun sign.

At a certain point, the idea of cusps was born as a response to a desire to simplify astrology for mainstream markets; the problem is, the rules of astrology cannot be changed. Another problem with how cusps is typically referred to is an idea of someone with more than one Sun sign.

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  • Someone with a cusp sign only has one true Sun sign but may very well exhibit characteristics from each sign. However, the reason for this is more than likely due to a placement of that sign elsewhere in your chart. Another aspect of astrology not often addressed in more mainstream astrology is that of decans. Decans are the segments within which any Sun sign is divided. Those born within the first decan are said to have an influence from both their Sun sign and the sign right before it.

    Decans are cusps are uniquely different, yet both reflect the inherently complex nature of astrology. Despite the fact that no one has two Sun signs, it can be useful to explore the cusps and traits that are typically associated with them.

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    If you truly feel that two signs influence your personality or life path, keep reading to learn more about each cusp — just remember that your sign will still be the same, and the only way to find out the exact degree that the Sun was in during the time of your birth is to learn to cast your chart or have it cast by an experienced astrologer.

    This is a dominating personality, powerful, hard at work and play. You are charismatic yet often stubborn and possess a headstrong energy that can benefit from meditation.

    You possess a youthful energy that could benefit from discipline and direction. This cusp is sensitive yet gregarious. You are friendly and sociable, but mysterious and sometimes cryptic when expressing themselves. You have a romantic and intuitive personality that has a rich inner world mixed with emotional depth and intellectual heights.

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    This cusp desires physical and impassioned, emotional activity. Balance and centeredness greatly help to stifle emotional rollercoasters and keep you calm and relaxed. This cusp possesses a blend of fastidiousness and passion. You make excellent leaders with great social skills, but you must learn to share their inner dialogues with others. You have a tendency toward secrecy but learning to open up will help your persuasive personality succeed in intimate relationships. With this dynamic, perfectionism meets a love for all-things-aesthetically-pleasing.

    I really want someone to help me with this thing I guess not.

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    How interesting. I don't really believe in zodiac compatibility. I think mutual understanding is important, regardless of the signs. But sure, why not. And we click like two parts of a puzzle. So maybe you're right. Thank you.

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    Also I been talking to this Leo Virgo cusp. Her b-day is augest It seem like I know her over 20 years. I hope everything goes well I HOPE!! Aquarius Moon Sagittarius Rising. She is a very funny person I don't know how to explain this It's a good friendship Very interesting.

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    Absolutely amazing and she is coming next year to study in London where I study as well! I'm a Leo-Virgo cusp and I sort of agree.